Forcing Bulbs in Containers

When it is dreary outside this winter, how nice it will be to have bulbs bring colour to your window sills and living room!

– choose a pot with character to suit your décor remembering to leave room for the bulb’s roots
– essential to have good drainage for excess water
– partially fill the pot with potting soil and tamp down lightly
– then press the bulbs gently into the soil
– they can be placed so as to almost touch one another
– always plant an uneven number of bulbs in bowl or container
– this will result in a prettier look when they bloom
– fill the pot up with soil so that the noses of the bulbs are covered.  Water the soil generously to encourage rooting.

– give the plants the required cold period in a room (preferably dark) that is approximately 9 deg C (length of time depends on the variety of bulb)
– when roots start to grow at the bottom of the container and/or shoots are 2” above the container – remove pot from cooler
– wait 2-3 weeks before the plants bloom

– Hyacinths, amaryllis and paperwhites can be put into a warm room immediately after purchase.  These bulbs require no chilling treatment as they have already been prechilled

Colourful Accents

Whether you garden is large or small (containers!), it’s got room for bulbs somewhere.  A good example is a perennial border.  In general, these borders don’t start blooming until after mid-May.  Adding spring-flowering bulbs produces colour earlier in the season.

A little bit of planning and work this fall will be sure to bring smiles as your garden bursts into colour early next spring.  Enjoy!