Keeping Squirrels out of your Bulbs

It’s a question we hear every fall.  After spending time to plant some spring-flowering bulbs, squirrels are notorious for digging them back up again.  They don’t seem to bother daffodils and other narcissi bulbs but find the tulips… Read More

Planting Garlic

Garlic is one of the oldest herbs on record. It is easy to grow and is a powerhouse of vitamins, protein and in addition to other health boosters, helps to lower high blood pressure.  Growing this beneficial herb… Read More

Forcing Bulbs in Containers

When it is dreary outside this winter, how nice it will be to have bulbs bring colour to your window sills and living room! – choose a pot with character to suit your décor remembering to leave room… Read More

Spring forward…plant fall bulbs now for outstanding spring blooms!

Now is the time to plan for a beautiful show of colour with spring-flowering bulbs. Every bulb has its own period of bloom.  With the information on the labels and bit of planning, you will be able to… Read More

Landscaping to attract Wildlife

Looking around to all the construction this summer, the loss of trees, shrubs, wetlands and grasses are having an impact on our environment and on our feathered friends.  All too often our local wildlife is finding themselves losing… Read More