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Earth Luxe Soaps

All Natural and Nearly Natural Soaps, handmade in the USA

– soaps containing 100% natural ingredients are noted as ‘all natural’ in their descriptions

– soaps noted as ‘nearly natural’ contain all-natural ingredients except for the addition of Paraben-Free Fragrance Oil

– ‘nearly natural’ soaps containing Fragrance Oil are made with Sandalwood Fragrance Oil harvested from the 40-year old Heartwood of the Sandalwood Tree versus non-sustainable Essential Oils

– all soaps are naturally coloured with Mineral Pigments, Oxides, Clays and Micas

We are pleased to offer these products for those seeking natural alternatives.  Enjoy!

An example of these soaps include:

Peaches & Crème
Oatmeal, Milk & Honey
Lemongrass and Mint
Wildflower Honey
Black Raspberry Vanilla
Bulgarian Lavender
Mediterranean Lime
Sicilian Citrus
Stress Relief