Best Veggies for Containers

You don’t need a lot of land to grow vegetables.  Many varieties will be quite happy to grow in containers.  Keep an eye out for dwarf or bush varieties. 

A collection of herbs and veggies make a wonderful gift… Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Gift or a Housewarming Present.  A gift that keeps on giving!

Lettuce Bowl, $19.99

Cool Season Veggies:  Dwarf Carrots, Salad Bowl Lettuce, Radishes, Kale

Warm Season Veggies:  Tiny Tim Tomato, Patio Tomato, Tumbling Tom Tomato, Bush Beans, Bell Peppers

Veggies needing a Trellis:  Cucumbers, Pole Beans, Peas, Squash

Edible flowers:  Nasturtiums, Calendula, Lavender


  • Any pot will do as long as there are holes for drainage.  Add some visual interest by using upcycled sink, old wheelbarrow, vintage watering can… the ideas are endless!
  • Use quality Potting Soil to allow adequate draining.  Add compost or worm castings for additional nutrients
  • Create a Pizza Pot with a tomato plant, Basil and Oregano!
  • Hanging Baskets make good use of extra space, planted with herbs, cherry tomatoes and strawberries
  • Containers tend to dry out quicker than in-ground gardens.  Be sure to keep the containers watered, usually daily and perhaps twice daily depending on the weather.  To keep the veggie plants growing, feed them weekly with fertilizer such as liquid seaweed, fish emulsion or compost tea.
Tabletop Strawberries, $14.99