Plan a Kid-sized Garden the Whole Family will Enjoy!

Encourage little hands to plant, water and grow a garden.

  1.  Start with a plan!  Discuss with your child about their favourite colours or foods.  Use crayons on paper and draw out the planned space
  2. Select a spot outside (or clear a spot in an existing garden) that meets the necessary growing requirements of what you want to plant. (veggies need sun, hostas need shade).  Work the soil and add compost.  If space is tight, consider growing in containers.
  3. Choose the seeds together and start them inside and let the kids join in the fun using their own gloves and tools
  4. Once we are frost-free and the soil has warmed up, transplant your seedlings outside
Seed Tapes – great for kids

Fun-to-Grow Plants

Tomatoes – consider smaller varieties such as patio tomatoes or tiny Tim for a child’s garden

Sunflowers – big bloomers and the seeds are edible

Pumpkins – if you have space, perfect to grow your own Halloween pumpkin!

Snow Peas – quick growing early crop and fun to eat the whole pod right off the vine

Lettuce – edible, a quick crop in the spring

Nasturtiums – easy to grow with edible flowers

Scarlet Runner Beans – create a secret space using bamboo poles as a teepee and let the beans grow and cover the poles.  The flowers are loved by hummingbirds and the young beans are edible

Gardening gives children a chance to learn important life skills:

  • responsibility and encourages healthy food choices
  • teaches patience and delayed gratification, trust and confidence
  • environmental awareness and good stewardship and how to care for Mother Earth
Tabletop Strawberries, $14.99

Spending time outside with our children, getting our hands dirty, and enjoying sunshine and fresh air is always time well spent!