Time for some Houseplant Love!

Houseplants will react to longer daylight hours and warmer temperatures at this time by putting out new growth.

Martha Washington Geranium, $12.99

Turn your houseplants a quarter turn each week to make sure all sides of the plant receive adequate light, and to keep the shape of the plant balanced.

Transplant any pot-bound houseplants at this time. Time to clean up any dead or withered looking leaves.

Mist or spray houseplants to clean away the winter’s dust and add a little humidity.  By wiping the leaves with a damp towel, you can check for any insects and diseases

Ficus with Variegated Leaves, $14.99

The end of this month is a good time to pinch them back to thicken the growth. You can then begin fertilizing again with a dilute solution of soluble houseplant food. 

Dufferin Garden Centre carries all the supplies you need to give your houseplants some spring TLC including soil, pots, fertilizer and yes, even plants!

Liquid Plant Food, $7.99