Keeping your Containers Over-Flowing with Colour

Follow a few simple tips to keep your luscious and colourful creations brimming with colour all season long.

  • remove all faded flowers, right down to the stems, not just the petals
  • trim off all yellow, brown and crispy leaves
  • remove 1/3 of stems from annual ivies, variegated vinca and other trailing plants to make them short and bushy (plants may look sparse for a week or so, but will soon put on new, more compact growth)
  • by snipping back other annuals in containers and some perennials, they will be refreshed and will continually bloom for a longer period of time
  • container plants dry out more quickly than their partners in the ground so examine your pots daily, test with your finger and adjust your watering schedule accordingly
  • by late summer, plants have matured and roots now fill the container so more frequent watering is needed
  • during hot, dry, windy weather most plants need daily watering with ones in clay pots needing water twice daily
  • begin feeding plants weekly with a water-soluble fertilizer such as Miracle-Gro 15-30-15 or Parkwood 15-30-15, diluted to half strength (available at the Dufferin Garden Centre)
  • if one of your container annuals has not lasted through, remove the plant and as much as the rootball as possible – replace with newer ones. Don’t forget a light feeding of Parkwood 5-15-5 transplanter solution mixed at half strength (available at the Dufferin Garden Centre)
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