Nematodes are Available

Help your Lawn during the Spring rains!  Nematodes are available now!

Are skunks or raccoons digging up your lawn? Do you have large patches of dead grass? These are signs you have lawn grubs. Lawn Grubs are the larval stage of May/June Beetles, Japanese Beetles and European Chafers. Nemagard consists of beneficial nematodes that are microscopic organisms. (made in Canada)

This organic insect control product contains the beneficial nematode “steinernema scarabaei”, which is widely considered as nature’s best defense against white grubs. Especially lethal against white grubs, Nemagard attacks any stage of a grub’s life cycle, including their hard-to-control third instar larvae stage.

Nemaard, $39.99

What are Nematodes?

Beneficial nematodes are naturally occurring, earth friendly microscopic worms.  They safely attack root eating grubs in the larval stage by infecting the host grub with bacteria causing the insect to die allowing the nematodes to feed and reproduce.

They also control larva of Iris Borers, Black Vine Weevil, Cutworms, Fleas and Webworm

They are very safe!  Nematodes do not harm people, pets, plants, beneficial insects (like earthworms or ladybugs), or your lawn.

How do you use Nematodes?

Remove all filters from the application equipment. Do not apply with pesticides. Mix the entire contents of the package with cool water to form a solution and stir occasionally to ensure thorough mixing. One package covers 280 square meters or 3,000 square feet.

Can be stored at room temperature for up to 3 months (no refrigeration required for up to 3 months)

When do I use Nematodes?

Apply when insects are actively feeding, usually May/June and again in August.  Soil temperatures must be above 12C (54F) and are most effective when soil temperatures are between 15C to 25C.  Apply during low light periods (early mornings or evenings or cloudy sky conditions are best). Water the treated area directly after application with 3 mm (1/8″) of water. Keep the soil moist for up to 2 weeks after application in order for the nematodes to get established. Do not apply to dry or over-saturated soil.

Now available at the Dufferin Garden Centre