The very hungry caterpillars

One Sunday morning the warm sun came up and – pop! – out of the egg came a tiny and very hungry caterpillar.
~ Eric Carle

This seems to be the word of the day for our customers!  It has been an interesting year for caterpillars, some are late, some are early and they all seem to be munching away at the same time

Tent Caterpillars – These fuzzy, slow-moving creatures can be found from Nova Scotia to Alberta and even in pockets of British Columbia.  They are generally called forest tent caterpillars and tend to feed on Trembling Aspen and other deciduous trees commonly found in Canada’s boreal forest.  As they make their way through the forest’s canopy, they begin crawling towards homes and yards looking for more food.  Experts say that most trees that are eaten by the caterpillars won’t sustain long-term damage, but there are a few options for people wanting to keep their plants safe:  spray the caterpillars with a solution of 40 parts water to one part dishwashing liquid.

Little Green Worms on Roses – Tiny green worms working their way through the rose garden.  If left untreated, they will decimate the entire plant.  They can be picked off by hand and dropped into a bucket of soapy water.

Gypsy Moth – is an insect native to Europe and Asia that was introduced to North America in the late 1860’s and first reported in Ontario in 1969.  Gypsy moth caterpillars defoliate trees, mostly hardwood species throughout southern Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and British Columbia (and parts of the US).  The caterpillars may chew small holes in leaves or completely strip a canopy, depending on age and population levels.  To prevent young caterpillars crawling up the tree, place sticky barriers on the trunk and as they mature, replace with bands of burlap for them to hide, then scrap them into a bucket of soapy water.

Keep your trees and shrubs healthy and better able to ward off pests and to recover from the loss of leaves. 
Be sure to fertilize and water well during dry periods.

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