Pineberry Strawberry

The berry of our eye! Pineberry Strawberry – a little taste of something different!

Pineberry Strawberry, $19.99

Fruit: White flesh with red seeds with a typical fresh-sweet pineapple taste

During the first growth year, remove all blossoms and fruit stems until the following June and then let them bear fruit

Tips: The white strawberry with red seeds is called a pineberry and is actually an old strawberry variety dating back to the mid 1700’s

Early 21st century the modern pineberry was recreated in The Netherlands by a Dutch breeder using natural breeding techniques.

Pineberry differs from the ordinary red strawberry in size, taste, gender and firmness.

A ripe pineberry is round, white with a slight pink blush and red seeds.

Harvest: How to recognize a ripe pineberry? The pineberry starts as a white berry with green seeds. The berry gets rounder and seeds start to turn red. When the pineberry gets a light pink blush, it is ripe enough to eat. Carefully pick the pineberry as this berry is much more delicate than the average red strawberry (perhaps use a pair of scissors)