Growing Successful Tomatoes:

So you have planted a few tomatoes this year and wondering what to do next? Not to worry, we are here to help you grow a bountiful crop this year!

– Start with short stocky seedlings with dark green leaves

– prepare the garden with lots of compost as tomatoes are heavy feeders

– choose a sunny spot to grow your tomatoes, they need lots of warm sunshine (7 hours or more)

– plant the tomato seedling up the second set of leaves, firmly pat the soil around the plant…it’s okay to bury these leaves, new roots will emerge along the buried stem

– add mulch under the plants to keep the soil moist during hot weather and prevents the soil splashing up on the plants

– water deeply 2-3 times a week and feed your tomatoes with a vegetable fertilizer for stimulating, high calcium levels will help to combat blossom-end rot

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– use a stake for support and to make harvest easier, this also reduces the risk of diseases and insects by getting them off the ground

– once tomato is 3′ tall, remove the leaves within the bottom 2″ of stem as they are usually the first leaves to develop fungus problems

– pinch and remove suckers that develop in the crotch joint of two branches (they won’t bear fruit and will take energy away from the plant).  Prune some of the leaves to allow sunlight to reach the fruit but not too much as it’s these leaves that are processing the food and energy for the rest of the plant