Hardy Dwarf Cherries

Cherries were originally brought to Canada by English settlers.  Through years of efforts at the University of Saskatchewan, a new selection of extreme hardy dwarf cherries is now available.  The new ‘Romance Series’ cherries are hardy and sweet.

Dwarf Cherry, $19.99

– dwarf varieties, so they are compact plants with a small stature, easy for picking
– grown from tissue culture, not grafted stock
– self pollinating, but welcome bees to your garden to help transfer the pollen
– plant in full sun, and water well for the first 3 years
– late summer cherry picking, with a three-week harvest period
– enjoy the beautiful, fragrant and showy flowers
– tolerate mild summers and cold winters, hard t zone 3
– prune only in late winter or early spring
– expect fruit 3 years after planting, producing maximum yields within 7 years
– wonderfully sweet taste!  High sugar content
– simply harvest by hand, shake the branches vigorously until cherries fall… be sure to use a tarp to collect your fresh cherries
– consume the fruit within 2 days, for freshest taste.  Or process for use later – just wash, pit and freeze
– great for organic gardening!

Romance Series Includes:

Cupid, $19.99
– dark red-black
– fresh eating
– 2m high
– harvest in late august/ early September
– largest fruit, latest producer

Juliet, $19.99
– dark red
– fresh eating and processing
– 2m high
– harvest early to mid-August
– easy to remove pits

Romeo, $19.99
– dark red-black
– fresh eating and processing (best for juice)
– 2m high
– harvest in late august/ early September
 – very productive

Valentine, $19.99
– medium red
– processing (tarts and pies)
– 2.5 m tall
– early to mid-August
– very productive

If you plant each variety, you can enjoy fresh cherries from July to mid September! Time to pull out Grandma’s famous cherry pie recipe.