Tomato Care: Early Blight

With more people growing veggies this year, we are here to help you grow the best harvest!

Tomato Care:

Early Blight is a common fungus affecting almost all parts of the tomato plants, including the leaves, stems and fruits.  This can also be a problem with potatoes.
– it can be in the soil which splashes up on the leaves during watering or a heavy rain
– the fungus forms spots on the leaves, which eventually turn yellow and die off

– provide plenty of space for the plants
– good airflow will help to the keep the plants dry
– prune off the lower branches to increase air flow and to prevent soil splashing up
– avoid watering the leaves
– clean up any plant debris, especially at the end of the season
– if you do experience blight, rotate your crop for next year

Garden Sulphur or Bordo Copper Spray can slow or prevent further development of the fungus on tomato plants.

Garden Sulphur Wettable Powder
– controls powdery mildew, rust, black spot and other garden disease
– can be used on roses, flowers, ornamentals, vegetables and small fruits
– can be applied as a dust or wettable powder spray

Bordo Copper Spray Fungicide
– can be used on fruit trees, ornamentals, vegetables and flowers
– controls leaf spots, blights, anthracnose, downy and powdery mildew, black spot and molds on fruits
– readily mixes in water for a spray application

Available at Dufferin Garden Centre