Benefits of Mulch

Mulching has become a popular way to complete your gardens.  It adds many benefits:
– helps to control weeds to help prevent root competition
– reduces watering by retaining soil moisture
– keeps rain water from washing away soil by breaking the fall of the water and lessening the force of the water impacting the ground
– nature’s insulator by keeping soil cool in the summer and protecting plants in the winter
– minimizes temperature fluctuations such as the ‘freeze – thaw’ during the winter
– creates a “polished look” to your garden by filling in the empty spaces and adds curb appeal

It is recommended that weed barrier cloth NOT to be placed under the mulch.  Wood particles provide aeration and reduce soil compaction, while returning carbon into the garden.  Know where your mulch comes from to ensure that it is free from contaminates and harmful insects. 

Mulch can be used on soil areas such as:
– flowerbeds
– children’s play areas
– pathways
– dog kennels
– bases of trees (avoid heaping the mulch up around the base – create a saucer by tapering the mulch away from the trunk), ensure 8” between mulch and trunk

The benefits of mulching far exceed the decision not to mulch.  The decomposition of wood mulch reduces soil compaction that opens areas for roots to expand through the soil seeking out nutrients.  Decomposition returns micronutrients and minerals into your planting bed, including carbon, an essential element for plant growth.

Choosing the Right Mulch
– choose wood mulch to get the benefit of improving the soil
– Dufferin Garden Centre carries shredded mulch in bulk in black and natural cedar
– mulch is also available in bags for easier convenience and smaller projects in both bark and shredded mulch. 

Canada Red Pine Bark Mulch
– undyed mulch made from selected pine bark
– by-product of the Canadian forest industry

Canada Red Mulch $7.99 or 10 for 10% OFF

Black Beauty Pine Mulch
– dyed black and the colour will last all season long
– derived from fine textured virgin pink wood from Ontario’s forest industry

Black Beauty Mulch $7.99 or 10 for 10% OFF

Red Devil Mulch (currently out of stock)
– dyed red and it’s colour will last all season long
– derived from fine textured virgin pine wood for Ontario’s forest industry

Available at the Dufferin Garden Centre