Annual Houseplant Migration

It’s Time!

The mornings are cooler, the days are getting shorter and there are different birds at the feeder these days!

Houseplants outside are so easy to look after and they enjoy the extra light, rain and humidity.  But now, it’s time to start moving them back inside.

– make room for your houseplants inside by re-arranging your furniture, remembering the different light requirements of your plants.  Keep them away from vents, drafts, and pets (they may need a reminder!)

– tidy up plants outside, remove dead or unsightly foliage, trim and wash down the pots.  It’s great to do this outside where it’s easier to clean up the mess!

– have your plants outgrown their homes?  This is the perfect time to re-pot your houseplants before moving them inside.

– look at your herbs and harvest any that are ready for drying and pot up the tender ones such as rosemary to overwinter inside in a sunny window

– spray your plants with Safers’ Trounce Houseplant Insecticide (Ready-to-use).  This will eliminate any pests that have made their homes on the leaves (be sure to spray on the upper and lower leaf surfaces).  By giving the plants an overall spraying, you will avoid bringing any pests indoors.

Enjoy your indoor garden!  Any space left?  Visit our selection of tropicals in the Hot House to add to your collection.

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