Spring forward…plant fall bulbs now for outstanding spring blooms!

Now is the time to plan for a beautiful show of colour with spring-flowering bulbs. 

Every bulb has its own period of bloom.  With the information on the labels and bit of planning, you will be able to enjoy your displays of colour from the beginning of spring right through until May or June.  Snowdrops and crocuses begin flowering at the very beginning of spring.  Not far behind, comes the narcissi and the first early tulips.  In April and May, it is time for grape hyacinths, later-flowering tulips and the impressive fritillaria.  Ornamental onions (allium) flower from mid-May right into June.

How to Plant in your Garden:

  • amend the existing soil with compost and garden loam to provide good drainage
  • plant in a sunny location (they need 6 hours), remembering that deciduous trees will not have leaves on them in early spring
  • plant alone or in groupings (eg. 5 or 7)
  • dig hole 3x the size of the bulb (eg 2” bulb=6” planting depth)
  • place the bulbs as desired (do not let the bulbs touch in soil) and continue to backfill the hole with soil
  • use bonemeal in the planting hole to ensure that they start to root before winter
  • add chicken manure with your bulbs to keep squirrels away
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  • generally, plant a bulb three times as deep as it is tall
  • for example, large bulbs (tulips and hyacinths) should be planted 6-8” deep with small bulbs (snowdrops and crocuses) planted about 5” deep
  • space large bulbs about 5” apart and small bulbs 2-3” apart
  • after planting, water the area well, this stimulates them to start producing roots
  • the earlier the roots are formed, the better rooted to prevent heaving with frost