Top 5 New Bulbs

All of our bulbs are grown, harvested and imported directly from Holland.  This way we are able to offer high-quality bulbs to our customers.

5.  Rosy Dream Allium: (14”-16”)  new violet-pink allium is a real standout for its vibrant colour.  Great addition to a mixed perennial garden or sunny, seasonal border.

Rosy Dream Allium, $0.89ea

4.  Pink Charm Daffodil:  (24”)  large, exquisite flowers with ivory-white petals surrounding a creamy-white cup adorned with a lovely coral band at the rim.  Blooming in mid-spring are great in pots, in a vase or planted in the garden.

Pink Charm Daffodil, $0.69ea

3.  Amazing Parrot Tulips:  (22”)  they are amazing alright!  Fantastic colour and unique shape.  Each bloom is truly unique and make the perfect accent in beds and borders.

Amazing Parrot Tulips, $6.99pkg

2.  Continental Tulips:  (20”)  this dark beauty is similar to other dark tulips but it blooms earlier in the spring.  Wonderful in gardens, container or in cut flower arrangements.

Continental Tulips, $0.69ea

1.  Secret Perfume Tulips: (16” tall)  long-lasting flowerheads have twice the amount of petals of this very special hybrid have a wonderful candy-sweet fragrance.  Plant them in a prominent spot at the front of borders or containers.

Secret Perfume Tulips, $0.79ea

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