Tips for Fall Decorating

Choose our Décor Combos to create an instant fall arrangement, or use it a starting point following our decorating tips below.

Combo – $21.00
– 1 bale of straw
– 1 bundle of corn stalks
– 1 medium pumpkin

– Start with bales of straw as a base.  They provide a stable surface for decorating with planters, scarecrows, colourful gourds, pumpkin and other fall decor
– cornstalks are one of the easiest and most effective decoration.  Our cornstalks are in bundles of 5.  Add a colourful fall ribbon and some pumpkins or mums to add to the fall and harvest decor
– simple assortment of pumpkins in different sizes and shapes along with a variety of different gourds are a quick and simple way to decorate.  Try layering and staging them down your front steps with maybe some baskets full of twigs and colourful leaves
– wreaths are always popular all year round.  Share the harvest with a wheat wreath, wicker wreath or colourful metal wreath.

– the highlight of fall decorating is your fall planter.  The flowers of fall add rich colour and design to your autumn and harvest themed decorating.  Start with a thriller accent piece (grass, twigs, tall mum) then fill with the middle layer (mums, asters, ornamental peppers, kale) and add a filler of burlap or ribbon.

And just like that…your entry is ready for the new season!

Cornstalks (bundle of 5): $7.99

Straw Bale: $7.99

– medium: $6.99
– large: $8.99
– extra-large: $10.99

Gourds / Small Pumpkins: 3 / $2.00

Pie Pumpkins: $3.99