Overwintering your Summer Bulbs (Dahlias, Cannas)

  1. Cut the top growth to leave 4-6” of stem
  2. Using a shovel or fork, carefully loosen the soil around the tuber clump, lifting it from the ground
  3. Brush or wash all excess soil from the tuber
  4. Divide clumps into individual tubers using a clean, sharp knife, clippers or pruning saw (remove excess root hairs or thin tubers).  Make sure each tuber or cluster has at least three ‘eyes’ found near the stem or neck.  This ensures next year’s new growth
  5. Store tubers in sterile dry material (such as newspaper, plastic bags with ventilation holes, or organic material such as peat moss).  DON’T FORGET TO LABEL EACH VARIETY!
  6. Place wrapped tubers in a humid, frost-free area.  The crisper drawer of a fridge is idea, but card-board boxes in a basement or crawlspace will also work
  7. Check tubers every few months.  If they begin to shrivel, they may need increased humidity (you can mist the tubers with a fine spray of water).  If they are beginning to disintegrate or rot, you should reduce the humidity and move the container to a drier area
  8. Next spring, after the last threat of frost, replant the tubers.  Share or swap extras with other gardeners and enjoy!