Winter Protection for Roses

– some varieties are grown on their own root stock which means they are hardy and do not require additional winter protection to ensure their survival.  Some roses have been bred specifically to weather our extreme Canadian winters, such as Explorer, Morden, Rugosa Roses.

Morden Sunrise Rose

– other roses are tender and require winter protection to allow you to enjoy them from year to year. 

– Austin, Hybrid Tea, Floribunda and Grandifloras must be protected in the following manner.  – the crown (where the plant is at ground level) of these roses must be covered with 6″ to 8″ of soil or protected with a styrofoam hut. 

– remove the soil in the spring when chance of snow is gone. 

– each winter the top of the rose dies and a new plant grows from the protected zone. 

– while this may seem like a lot of work, the reward is in the colour and fragrance enjoyed throughout the growing season. 

Oso Easy Double Pink Rose