Fall Lawn Care

Feed:  Fall is the bet time to give your lawn a good feeding.  As the weather begins to cool, your lawn will slow its top growth while the roots will continue to actively grow.
– fall fertilizer delivers vital nutrients to encourage deep root growth and will help your lawn over the long winter
– fall feeding will in turn give the entire plant the energy it needs to bounce back in the spring
– a thick healthy lawn is the best defense against weeds

Cutting:  Continue cutting your lawn until your lawn stops growing.  Keep the blade to an 2 ½ to 3” height.  If the grass gets too long, it will mat and be vulnerable to fungi. 

Aeration:  This fall task helps to loosen soil compaction, allowing for more water, light and air to reach the soil.  A good aeration in the fall can help set the stage for strong spring growth.

Dufferin Garden Centre now has Scotts Turf Builder Fall Lawn Food in stock.  This phosphate-free lawn food gives your lawn the nutrients it needs at this time of year. 
– phosphate-free grass fertilizer for all grass types (including newly seeded and sodded areas)
– apply using a broadcast or rotary spreader
– on bag will cover 4,306 sq ft

Scotts Turf Builder Fall Lawn Food
32-0-10 (5.2 kg) is now available $26.99