Greenhouses by Sunblaster

We are loving the increased interest in gardening this year… both in houseplants/succulents and veggie gardening! 

Introducing the Mini Greenhouses by SunBlaster to help you with these darker days ahead. 

These greenhouses are compact making them ideal for adding a little ‘green’ to your home!

Ideal for growing microgreens, herbs and starting veggies, or just showcasing your favourite plants, while ensuring they get all the water and full-spectrum natural light they need to grow and thrive.

Mini Greenhouse Kits use professional-grade lighting as the catalyst for great growing.  Everything needed is included – just add plants and soil to get you up and growing fast.

Growlight Garden (new micro size), $99.99
– Full-spectrum lighting for year-round growing
– lighting canopy with easy height adjustment for getting the right light to the plants, seeds or transplants below
– base unit for holding your plants nutrient and water supply ensuring your plants always have just the right amount of nutrient or water they require for up to 14 days dependant on growing conditions
– wicking table and capillary matting is included as part of the watering system, your plants are fed and watered via this matting which wicks the correct amount of moisture to your plants
– four reusable seedling trays are included allowing you to grow a single crop or a variety of microgreens or herbs as you desire

Also available with complete LED grow lights

All Growlight Gardens come complete with auto watering capability via their “Wicking System” this helps take the guesswork out of watering

Universal Strip Light Stand (fits all LED and T5HO strip lights), $59.99
– give your plants the best light they need
– fully adjustable, the Universal Strip Light Stand allows you to alter the height of the light so that it is either closer or further away from your plants to ensure bigger, healthier, faster, growth
– Includes:  bases, 18” support bars, mounting brackets and instructions, growing tray (does not include lighting or plants)

Nanodome Mini Greenhouse, $69.99
– has a unique H pattern which enables you to lay your lighting across the dome or multiple domes
– gets more of the light your plants love into the growing area
– Includes:  grow lamp and reflector, NanoDome and plant tray