Growing Bulbs Indoors for Winter

When it is dreary outside this winter, how nice it will be to have bulbs bring colour to your windowsills and living room!

– amaryllis have long stems and big flowers
– choose a pot with character to suit your décor and has a wide base to help the plant stay upright
– use good potting soil, moisten it and fill the pot a little more than half and set the bulb on top. 
– add more soil, leaving the top 1/3 of the bulb exposed
– once planted, water well to help settle the bulb into the pot
– then keep the soil barely moist – water sparingly
– rotate the pot every few days to keep the stems straight

Amaryllis $14.99

***Back by popular demand! Amaryllis bulbs that do not need planting!
– this Amaryllis bulb with its wonderful ‘jacket’ does not need water to grow and bloom
– the bulb is ready to bloom within 4-6 weeks
– place the Amaryllis in a warm sunny area, avoiding direct sunlight
– rotate the bulb periodically to encourage the plant the grow straight

Amaryllis, $14.99

– a relative of daffodils and is easy to grow indoors
– produces small flowers on 12-18” stalks
– the most common way to grow paperwhites is to grow them to bloom in pots indoors
– fill a container without drainage holes with crushed rock, pebbles or other decorative stones
– pack your paperwhite bulbs into the container and push them down into the stones so the tips stay upright
– add water until it just covers the bottom of the bulbs
– place the containers in a cool, sunny location (do not need a cold temp treatment)
– forcing paperwhite is easy and an excellent project for beginning gardeners!

Paperwhites, $1.29 each

– one of the most popular bulbs for indoor flowers
– wonderful burst of colour that lasts for about two weeks and have a delightful scent!
– these hyacinths are prechilled so ready to plant and bloom
– can be planted in loose, well-drained potting mx or grown in pebbles or suspended over a small vase of water
– if growing hyacinths in pebbles and water, keep the water level to the bottom of the bulb to avoid rotting the bulb
– when the flowers appear, keep them in bright, indirect light
– turn the container a bit each day so that the flowers do not lean to one side as they reach for the sun.


Growing bulbs indoors lets you enjoy the colours and fragrance of flowers – and makes a perfect gift!