A Breath of Fresh Air

Dufferin Garden Centre is celebrating the wellness trend of supplying air-purifying tropical plants to help create a small oasis in our customers’ homes, and offices.  By adding these tropical plants to your space, you create a connection to nature, a chance to pause… and who doesn’t need that right now!

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Our top favourites:

Peace Lily:  Tropical plant that is perfect for beginners!  It requires low light (never put in direct sun), water once a week and rewards you with beautiful white flowers (called a spathe).  Peace lilies symbolize peace, prosperity, tranquility, solitude, and purification. 

Peace Lily, $38.99

Aloe Vera:  Succulent plants that requires a bright location with little direct sun in the winter.  Extracts from Aloe Vera are widely used in the cosmetics and alternative medicine industries for its rejuvenating, healing or soothing properties.

Organic Aloe, $7.99

Pothos:  Excellent air cleaner, pothos features heart-shaped leaves variegated with white, cream or gold.  It can grow as a vine in a hanging basket or up a wire trellis… be sure to give it a trim if it gets too large or long!

Pothos, $4.99

Snake Plant (Sansevieria):  Very hardy and easy to grow!  Grows well in part shade and low light conditions as well as bright light.  An ideal container plant, it is excellent in a grouping and will grow well on the floor or on tabletop displays. 

Snake Plants, $5.99

Houseplants, like furniture, can get dusty too!  Keep your plants clean by wiping the leaves with a damp cloth.  Be sure to support the leaf with one hand and wipe with the other to avoid bruising or cracking the leaves.  Remove any spent blooms or leaves to keep them healthy and encourage further blooming.  Some houseplants benefit from a bath in the sink – be sure to use cool (not cold) water and ensure that they are dry before they go back into the sunny window.  This added maintenance will keep your plants’ dust-free as well as keeping you in touch with any pests or fungus that might show up.

** Several of these plants are known to be toxic to cats, dogs, and other pets. 
If you are a pet owner, please check the toxicity of the plants before introducing them to your home.