Holiday Decorating with Fresh Greenery

Decorating homes with fresh greens is one of the oldest winter holiday traditions.  It adds a fresh look and a natural scent to your home.  The possibilities and the extent of your decorations are only limited by your imagination.  Whatever your preferences are, fresh cut greens help bring the holiday spirit into your home. 

When planning your decorating, it can be as extensive as garlands around the fences or as simple as a spot of green by the front door.  Make a list of what items you are going to decorate and keep in mind whether you want (or have time) to do it yourself or purchase something pre-made.  (Dufferin Garden Centre offers custom arrangements for inside or outside.)  Ideas range from table tops, centrepieces and for outside; wreaths, swags, urn arrangements and garlands.

There are many different kinds of greens to use.  They have different colours of green, different textures and forms.  When used together, they create wonderful exciting arrangements. 

Some evergreens suggestions for your arrangements (available at the Dufferin Garden Centre):

  • White Pine – soft bluish-green, long-needled pine with excellent needle retention
  • Ontario and Western Cedar – has a wonderful fragrance
  • Noble and Silver Fir – good tolerance of hot, dry indoor conditions with a wonderful scent

Other broadleaf evergreens often used in arrangements (available at the Dufferin Garden Centre):

  • Oregonia – small-leafed variegated shrub (like boxwood) used for fine-textured wreaths and garland
  • Magnolia Leaves – beautiful green, glossy leaves with a rusty undertone

Additional plants for extra colour and contrast (available at the Dufferin Garden Centre):

  • Red Twig Dogwood – lovely red branches that add height and colour to any arrangement (Dogwood branches sprayed white are also available)
  • Birch Poles – give your planters some height and contrast with the white bark

To finish off any decorating, don’t forget other ornaments to create some sparkle, colour and to continue a theme.  Lights help create sparkle from spotlight to twinkle lights to lit branches for the outdoor arrangements.  Colour can come from ribbons and bows or ornaments (make sure they are appropriate for outdoor use).  Other suggestions include:

  • pinecones
  • dried hydrangea and allium flowers
  • berries
  • moss
  • dried or artificial fruit (lime, pears, apples)