Decorating Safely

When the greens are brought inside, they become dry and flammable when in contact with a heat source such as a candle.  Keep the greens as fresh as possible by checking them every day and make sure the oasis (or moss) is damp.  Avoid placing your indoor greens near heat sources such as space heaters, heating vents or sunny windows.  If you use lights near your green arrangements, make sure they stay cool, if outside, are designed for exterior use.

Keep berries and other toxic plants out of the reach of children and pets!

Keeping Greenery Fresh

Use only clean, sharp pruners when cutting branches to ensure a clean cut.  Allow foliage to absorb any excess moisture and then spray with an anti-desiccant such as Green Protector….

Green Protector is also highly recommended to assist keeping your greens fresh.  This product is similar to Wilt Pruf forms a protective coating which holds in moisture on plant foliage reducing water loss during plant stress.  Green Protector forms a clear, flexible film without interfering with plant growth.  Only one application per season is needed.  

Keep your arrangements in a cool location such as a garage, fruit cellar until use.  Display your creations out of the sun and away from any heat sources.

Holiday Magic

These greens can be made into many different types of decorations depending on the size, shape and locations that need a bit of holiday green.  A limited selection of greens are currently available at the Dufferin Garden Centre.  Some wreaths and garlands are sold plain just waiting for some sparkle or colour by yourself to tie in with your existing style. 

Add a bit of Holiday Magic to the front of your home and you (and your neighbours) will enjoy your festive creations for many weeks to come!