Winter Garden Tips

We are sure that spring is not far away!!

  • In the event of snow, be sure to gently shake or brush off the white stuff from the branches of your evergreens and shrubs.  The light fluffy snow poses no real threat, but if it should become wet and frozen, the weight dramatically increases. 
  • Branches are more brittle when the plants are dormant and the weight of the snow may snap them off.  Prune out any storm damage (leave ‘bleeders’ such as maples and birch until they have leaved out).
  • When shoveling snow, be careful not to throw the snow on your evergreen plants.  This can lead to problems because of the force of the snow being thrown on the plants.
  • To avoid damage to lawns, remember to stay off turf areas when they are frozen or wet.
  • Time to do some research on the lawn products available and decide which fertilizers will best suit your needs this year.


  • Please feed the birds and other small creatures which may not be able to find food due to snow on the ground.  You can feed an enormous number of birds for only a few dollars.

Spring is Coming!

  • It’s time to collect your containers, clean and sterilize them getting them ready for planting.
  • Let’s look at the indoor herbs.  In order to increase the summer harvest, it’s time to start taking cuttings and get them rooting.
  • Speaking of that summer harvest, now is a good time to start saving empty seasoning jars to store your precious herbs.

Indoor Gardening

  • Don’t forget your house plants!  Dust on the foliage can clog the leaf pores, so clean them up a little with a damp cloth, or a quick shower under the tap.  Actively growing plants will benefit from a shot of liquid plant food.  On very cold nights, it is a good time to close the curtains or blinds between the window and your house plants. 
  • Make certain that your house plants have sufficient humidity, by setting them on a tray filled with clean pebbles and a little water, or by simply setting a cup of water nearby.  Keep a close eye open for insects on your house plants.  If you are lucky enough to have a greenhouse, be sure to check on those plants too. 

***Please remember these tips are for gardens in zone 5, Orangeville, Ontario and area. They may not be appropriate for your community. Check with your local garden centre.***