Spring Checklist for Happier Houseplants

It may be too early to garden outside, but we can give our indoor plants some spring TLC.  Most indoor plants are just starting to come out of dormancy and start their active growing season.

1.  Feed me!  Start fertilizing house plants as soon as there are more hours of daylight than darkness.  Start with diluted plant food to give them a spring boost.  Check your plants more often, if they are more actively growing, they may need more frequent watering.

2.  Clean the leaves:  Time for some spring cleaning!  Remove the dust by gently wiping it with a damp cloth or give them a spray of water in the sink or shower.

3.  Repot the plants that need it:  Now is a great time to transplant house plants into a new pot.  If your plants have been in the same pot for several years, it’s a good idea to give them fresh soil and a clean home.

4.  Time for a trim!  This is a great time to prune off any leggy or unhealthy branches or leaves.  Giving them a quick prune will encourage branching and fresh growth.

5.  It’s all about Location:  Now that the sunlight is stronger, your plants may not be as happy in the same spot as they were last fall.  Think about your plants’ needs and move them accordingly.  Let’s keep them happy and healthy!

Soon it will be time to introduce your houseplants to the outdoors, but for now, lets give them a spring refresh, they will thank you and that will make us happy!  What question do you have for us?  Send us a message at grow@dufferingarden.ca