This Spring, get the Jump on your Garden!

Growing plants from seed has many practical benefits: 

– saving money
– getting a head start on the growing season
– choosing from a large selection of varieties
– personal benefits of watching life stretching up to the light from a tiny seed

The Dufferin Garden Centre is here to help.  We can walk you through the process with our seed-starting brochure.  This is great information to get you started on:

– choosing the right container
– finding the best growing medium
– looking for high-quality seeds
– planting and caring for you seedlings.

Our seed selection allows you to get the jump on spring.  We have in stock a wide variety of seeds for herbs, vegetables, annual flowers and perennial flowers.  There is everything you need to get started including;

– starter trays, plantable pots (containing no peat) and pellets
– starter soil mix, potting soil
– specialty soils for cactus, orchids or violets
– fertilizers. 

Our selection of seeds from the Ontario Seed Company include many heritage varieties plus exciting new varieties.  Their seeds are suited to the shorter Canadian growing season and are tested at their trial farm.  You will find a wide variety from Aimers Seeds, which are specialty organic seeds.

You will find that the hardest part of growing your plants from seed is the waiting for that first little seedling to poke its head up through the medium to greet the sun.

Download our seed starting chart – perfect for zone 5 gardening.