Ready, Set… Grow!

Wishing you a safe and Happy Easter!
It’s time for Spring, however Mother Nature does not have that memo yet! Ready for planting? Lets fill our sunny windowsills with seeds for our future harvest. Garden outside too grey and brown? Add some tropicals inside to help brighten our rooms and some pansies and primula at the front door for a spot of colour.
Starting plants from seed is a great way to get the jump on your garden this time of year. It also gives us a little bit of green to watch grow up and greet the sun! 
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Starting Seeds from the Ground Up

Are you looking to start a garden from seeds? Read on for tips on how to choose your materials, get started and how to care for your seedlings once they sprout!

Planting Success: Seeding Terms

The back of each seed packet has all the information you need about growing the seed into the plant. 
Read on for an explanation of all the terms to give you the best start for your seeds.

Gardening 101: Early Spring Tasks in the Garden

In need of some spring colour? Plant a spring container for the front door with pansies, primula, viola, hellebores and early bulbs.
Now is also the time to get the kids involved in the garden. Help them to start planting seeds indoors such as peppers, leeks, sunflower seeds, herbs and more! 
If you are looking to start a vegetable garden, start preparing the beds with a mix of manure, compost, and fertilizer to enrich the soil. Dig the mix into the soil to loosen the top layer so the vegetables can spread their roots easily. Starter sizes of vegetable plants arrive at the garden centre in April and are carried through most of the summer. 
April is a good time to transplant shrubs and trees. As soon as the soil is workable, but before buds have swelled or broken open, you can move shrubs, trees and perennials.
In your water gardens, it’s time to clean up any dead or dying plants as well as removing dead leaves and other debris from the bottom of the pond. 
Spring clean your birdhouses now, so that they will be ready when the birds return.
Make sure you wait! Being hasty now is the biggest mistake we all make. Plant seedlings before the final frost has gone and you may loose the entire crop. Be patient and listen to the weather forecast. Once danger has past, get out there and put the veggies in the ground.
As you begin your quest for the perfect garden, don’t overdo it! It’s probably been a few months since you gave those muscles and bones a good workout, so start out slowly and avoid that Monday morning backache.