Let’s Start Planting!

Several early season veggies are considered ‘cold crops’ (listed below) and can be planted as soon as the garden soil has warmed up. To help raise the temperature of the soil, try lying some frost blankets over the garden. 

Cold crops are a great way to extend the harvest in the garden from the early spring right through until fall. These crops will mature before the summer heat arrives.  They can also be planted in late summer into fall as the weather turns cool.

It’s time to seed:
– beets (greens can be added to a salad)
– broccoli (packed with nutrients, is tasty and easy to grow!)
– cabbage (many different kinds, add colour to your garden by planting a red-leaf cabbage)
– cauliflower (excellent source of vitamins, fiber and minerals)
– kale (will tolerate cooler temperature, contains protein, fiber and many vitamins and minerals)
– lettuce (perfect for a salad!)
– peas (love to climb on a little fence giving structure to your garden)
– radish (nutritional powerhouse full of vitamin C and more)
– spinach (otherwise known as a ‘super food’, packed with nutrients)
– swiss chard (colourful as well as nutritious!)

How nice to be able to start harvesting soon! If you don’t have a garden, never fear – container gardening is popular for balconies or windowsills.

Still too cold outside? Start these seeds indoors now: tomatoes, peppers, leeks, eggplant, chrysanthemums, cosmos, hollyhocks, snapdragons