Safely Open to the Public

Grateful to be Open

As we take another pause this spring, we can see from the bulbs emerging, trees budding and birds singing, that spring is not cancelled.
Thanks for your patience as we navigate through this latest round of guidelines. We are grateful that we are able to safely open (with reduced capacity) and share all that spring has to offer. As always, we are here to answer your questions… please follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates and products (and lots of pictures of spring flowers!)
It may be warm enough to coax us outside, but our native pollinators aren’t ready to take a chance just yet. Bumblebees and ground-nesting bees will be out and around once our flowering trees and shrubs start to bloom but will still need to keep warm during our chilly spring nights. Keeping our Pollinators in Mind
Spring Hours:
Monday to Saturday 9:00am – 5:00pm

Starting a Grocery Garden

With people spending more time at home, let’s focus on what we can do to help our families and our community. What’s more local than our own vegetable garden?
Read on for more info – veggie gardens are taking root!

Let's Start Planting!

Several early season veggies are considered ‘cold crops’ and can be planted as soon as the garden soil has warmed up.
They can also be planted in late summer into fall as the weather turns cool.

Gardening 101: Spider Mites

Although it’s a little chilly for pest worries outside, we still have lots of indoor pests to deal with. Spider mites can be found inside and outside although they have some natural enemies such as lady bugs outside. Indoors is where we need to control them manually.
These nasty critters feed by puncturing surface plant cell and suck the juices right out of them, leaving a weakened and eventually, a dead plant behind. They start on the underside of the plants and you will see signs of yellow discolourations and possible see the tiny mites bustling about.
We recommend Schultz’s Houseplant and Indoor Garden Insect Spray that contains a botanical insecticide derived from the pyrethrin daisy. 
– excellent for use on indoor plants and vegetables
– kills whiteflies, spiders, aphids, thrips, moths, gnats, leaftiers, spider mites, fern scales, beetles, leafhoppers, and more with a single application
– may be used up to one day before harvest
A second treatment will be required 7 days after the initial treatment.
Available at Dufferin Garden Centre