Finding the Right Tool

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– an essential gardening skill that encourages healthy growth and flowers as well as for aesthetics. Our favourite hand-pruners include Bypass Pruners but Holland Greenhouse, Rachet Anvil Secateurs by Spear & Jackson (Karen’s Fav) and Pruners by Felco (Donna’s Fav).

Available at the Dufferin Garden Centre

Hand Tools

Garden trowels, transplanters and hand forks are some of the most used gardening tools.  Make sure the tool fits comfortably in your hand and has a well-fitted blade. 

One of our most popular hand tools is the Sidewalk Hand Weeder by Holland Greenhouse!  The 3.5” long steel blade has two sharpened edges for cutting or scraping weeds that comes to a point for scoring.  The back edge is angled and sharpened to cultivate and dig out weeds.

Available at the Dufferin Garden Centre

Fits like a Glove

How to choose the best gardening gloves? They are available in a range of styles, materials and prices, each intended for different uses.

Bamboo Nitrile Gloves:   bamboo liner keeps hands cool and comfortable.  Nitrile palm coat resists punctures and abrasion ($9.99)

Homegrown Gloves:  environmentally sustainable line of gardening gloves perfect for hard-working gardeners that make informed choices about the products they buy and their environmental impact ($14.99)

Wonder Grip:  an extremely comfortable pair of gloves that you’ll love to wear!  Made from a breathable nitrile coating combined with a nylon liner, these gloves provide a snug fit shaping nicely to the hand.  ($12.99)

Work Amour:  hard-wearing micro fibre and goatskin palm styles for general purpose and styles with impact protection for heavy duty applications

Nailguard Technology:  wonderful gloves with wrap around foam padded fingertips, padded palm patch and knuckle bar for additional protection ($21.99)

Stealth Hero:  polyester knit gloves, foam nitrile palm with a snug-fitting seamless knit wrist ($7.99)

Stealth Avenger:  hard-wearing nitrile coating with a snug-fitting knit wrist ($8.99)

Lite as a Feather:  the snug-fitting wrist design keeps dirt and debris away from your hands, while the ergonomic shape helps prevent fatigue ($5.99)

Electra:  heard-wearing nitrile coating with a snug-fitting knit wrist ($8.99)

Fresh Air:  air-flow mesh fingers and back of hand keeps hands cool and comfortable.  Conductive coating on thumb and fingers can be used on touchscreen devices. snug fitting elastic wrist with secure Velcro closure keeps out dirt and debris. ($16.99)

Uptown Girl Gloves:  hooded fingertips and padded knuckle bar with a spandex stretch back.  The conductive thumb and fingertips can be used on all touchscreen devices ($14.99)

Dirty Deeds:  ergonomic form helps to minimize hand fatigue. Snug-fitting seamless knit wrist keeps out dirt and debris.  ($6.99)

All are available at the Dufferin Garden Centre

Planting / Weeding

There are tools for every job and finding the right tool makes gardening fun and not seem like such a chore.  Here are a few of the more popular tools for planting and weeding.

Interlock Groove Cleaner Brush and Weed Puller:  heavy duty metal scraper to remove weeds and moss with durable brass coated bristles that are angled and soft enough to effectively clean between decking grooves ($11.99)

The Winged Weeder is a popular tool with a larger blade and a longer handle for use with traditional sized gardens (potatoes, tomatoes, etc), flower beds, or areas with plants spaced further apart. Allows for easy push-pull action while weeding in a around the plants.  Perfect for Weeding, cultivation, circular tilling, edging, hoeing, creating seed furrows and much more! ($28.99)

All are available at the Dufferin Garden Centre

Speak with our staff to find the perfect tool for you and your spring garden.