Spring Cleaning the Tool Shed

It’s a wonder what sunshine and April showers can do! The bulbs are popping, forsythia is in bloom and many other plants are starting to show some green!
While we wait for the ground to warm up and the soil to dry out, let’s take a look in the tool shed and get it ready for spring!
Monday to Saturday: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Finding the Right Tool

Make sure the tool fits comfortably in your hand, is in good condition and is the right tool for the job.
We are open to the public and invite you to visit and speak to our staff to find the perfect tool for you and your spring garden.

Getting your Tools Ready for the Season

Now is the perfect time to take stock of what’s in your tool shed and get your equipment ready for the season ahead.
Garden tools of all types will benefit from a few maintenance steps before they are used again.

Creating a Bee-Friendly Garden

Beneficial pollinators are a crucial part of our environment and gardens, especially our vegetable gardens. Of all the pollinators bees are by far the most important! 
We can make a difference by creating a bee-friendly space in your garden, by choosing bee-friendly plants, planting wildflowers, keeping our garden chemical free and letting it continue to flower. It could be as small as creating a container that provides a pollinator habitat or incorporating bee-friendly plants throughout your existing garden.
  • Provide nutritious bee food such as nectar (loaded with sugar) and pollen (which provides proteins and fats)
  • Bees love native wildflowers, flowering herbs, berries and many flowering fruits and vegetables.
  • Group the same plants together, so the bees can get as much nutrients in a small space
  • Choose plants with long blooming cycles, such as serviceberries, crabapples for the spring right through until asters and sedums for the late fall
  • Provide a fresh water source. A bee bath needs to be a shallow bowl or plate with rocks as dry islands to serve as landing pads.
  • Do Not use pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals in your garden
  • Appreciate the beauty of weeds; bees love the dandelions, clover and violets
  • Hang a Bee House out of the rain, facing south or east at eye level once the temperatures have warmed up to 12-14 deg C
  • Dufferin Garden Centre is committed to doing what we can to help our customers create their own Bee-Friendly Garden. Stay tuned as we share tips on selecting plants, choosing products and creating habitats to welcome our pollinators especially the bees.