Is it time to plant yet?

With the first warm spring days, thoughts turn to spending more time outside and getting our hands dirty! 
The most common question these days is…can I plant yet?  The best answer is Yes and Wait!

Time to Plant

  • cold tolerant annuals such as violas and pansies , although they must be hardened off first
  • cold crop vegetables can be seeded now, such as peas, spinach, radishes and lettuce
  • seed potatoes and onion sets (just arrived at the Dufferin Garden Centre) can be planted as soon as the ground warms up. Hopefully within the next two weeks
  • trucks have been arriving daily; delivering our trees and shrubs…they can be planted now for sure!

Wait until after the Threat of Frost

  • Use the frost-free date of May 28 for Orangeville as a guideline. There is no guarantee that you won’t get frost, but it is unlikely, as we get closer to the warmer weather. Watch our social media – we’ll post if frost is expected on Facebook and Instagram
  • annuals and vegetables can be seeded inside or transplanted
  • trees and shrubs that are outside already and hardened off can be planted
  • any perennials that are in leaf must be planted when chance of frost has passed
  • summer blooming bulbs and tubers can be started inside and planted outside after the threat of frost (dahlias, etc)  Gladiolas, however, can be planted now as they will break ground after the threat of frost has past

If you are unsure about whether to plant a specific plant, send us an email or DM, our expert staff will let you know!