Plant Now for a Fall Harvest

(Or stock up on seeds for next year’s garden) Enjoying your summer veggie garden?  It’s fun to visit every day and see what veggies we can add to our table. (or perhaps get eaten on the spot!)  Let’s… Read More

Tomato Care: Early Blight

With more people growing veggies this year, we are here to help you grow the best harvest! Tomato Care: Early Blight is a common fungus affecting almost all parts of the tomato plants, including the leaves, stems and… Read More

Edible Gardening with Juicy Fruits

Including edible plants in with your gardens has gone beyond the traditional vegetable garden plot.  Many homeowners are embracing the other qualities of edible plants, recognizing the different textures, colours and usefulness and how they can enhance the… Read More

Hardy Dwarf Cherries

Cherries were originally brought to Canada by English settlers.  Through years of efforts at the University of Saskatchewan, a new selection of extreme hardy dwarf cherries is now available.  The new ‘Romance Series’ cherries are hardy and sweet…. Read More

Growing Successful Tomatoes:

So you have planted a few tomatoes this year and wondering what to do next? Not to worry, we are here to help you grow a bountiful crop this year! – Start with short stocky seedlings with dark… Read More