Pineberry Strawberry

The berry of our eye! Pineberry Strawberry – a little taste of something different! Fruit: White flesh with red seeds with a typical fresh-sweet pineapple taste During the first growth year, remove all blossoms and fruit stems until… Read More

Bushel and Berry Blueberries

Growing your own nutritious blueberries has never been easier! Featuring Bushel and Berry Blueberries – dwarf plants that produce full-size fruit! All of the Bushel and Berry varieties are self-pollinating and super easy to grow! They are compact… Read More

Planting a Three Sisters Garden

Welcome to an ancient growing method call the ‘three sisters’ consisting of corn, beans and squash.  This trio were inter-planted by Native Americans which provide both sustainable soil fertility and a bountiful harvest! Legend:  the plants were a… Read More

Best Veggies for Containers

You don’t need a lot of land to grow vegetables.  Many varieties will be quite happy to grow in containers.  Keep an eye out for dwarf or bush varieties.  A collection of herbs and veggies make a wonderful… Read More

Square Foot Gardening

This gardening method is a great way to harvest the most vegetables within a small space.  It is wonderful to incorporate in a small yard, school or community garden.  This simple plan was developed by Mel Bartholomew in… Read More