Edible Gardening

Join this growing trend of eating locally – right from your very own garden. We all know the benefits of eating healthy and by growing your own vegetables you know all about your food since you grew it yourself…. Read More

Growing your Own Potatoes!

Growing: choose a sunny spot with well-drained, amended with lots of organic matter grows best planted in cool climates 2-4 weeks before the last frost date cut large seed potatoes into pieces, each with one or two eyes… Read More

Cold Crops

The first harvest in the garden! Cold crops are vegetables that are able to tolerate cooler weather and perhaps endure short periods of frost. Cold crops can be planted before the threat of frost has passed, once the… Read More

Starting a Grocery Garden – Right in your own backyard!

With people spending more time at home and questions about local food security, let’s focus on what we can do to help our families and our community.  What’s more local than your own vegetable garden?  Join this growing… Read More