Tips for Fall Decorating

Choose from one of our Décor Combos to create an instant fall arrangement, or use it a starting point following our decorating tips below. Combo 1 – $29.00– 1 bale of straw– 1 10” mum – your choice… Read More

3 Steps to Repair your Lawn this Fall

September is a great time for some fall lawn repair and reseed!  Now that our lawns are showing a promise of green after some consistent moisture, what can we do about areas that are not showing any green… Read More

Annual Houseplant Migration

It’s Time! The mornings are cooler, the days are getting shorter and there are different birds at the feeder these days! Houseplants outside are so easy to look after and they enjoy the extra light, rain and humidity. … Read More

Gypsy Moth

This insect (native to Europe and Asia) has been severely weakening trees across North America.  They get their name from their ability to travel by attaching to various objects.  They appear in late July or August. Range:  found… Read More

Red Lily Leaf Beetle

(also known as the Scarlet Lily Beetle, Lily Leaf Beetle or Asiatic Lily Beetle) Origins:  The red lily leaf beetle is an insect native to mainland Europe and Asia but not the British Isles.  It was found in… Read More