Holiday Decorating with Fresh Greenery

Decorating homes with fresh greens is one of the oldest winter holiday traditions.  It adds a fresh look and a natural scent to your home.  The possibilities and the extent of your decorations are only limited by your… Read More

A Breath of Fresh Air

Dufferin Garden Centre is celebrating the wellness trend of supplying air-purifying tropical plants to help create a small oasis in our customers’ homes, and offices.  By adding these tropical plants to your space, you create a connection to… Read More

Growing Bulbs Indoors for Winter

When it is dreary outside this winter, how nice it will be to have bulbs bring colour to your windowsills and living room! Amaryllis:– amaryllis have long stems and big flowers– choose a pot with character to suit… Read More

Go Easy on Fall Clean Up

Before heading out to clean up the garden this fall.  Take a few minutes to think about who will be using your garden and how we can provide a winter habitat.  Read on for three good reasons NOT… Read More

Greenhouses by Sunblaster

We are loving the increased interest in gardening this year… both in houseplants/succulents and veggie gardening!  Introducing the Mini Greenhouses by SunBlaster to help you with these darker days ahead.  These greenhouses are compact making them ideal for… Read More