How to Care for your Clematis

Clematis have long been known as “queen of the climbers” and for good reason.  No other perennial vine offers the versatility in form and colour, especially with the hybridizing and access to varieties of today.  The easy growing… Read More

The very hungry caterpillars

One Sunday morning the warm sun came up and – pop! – out of the egg came a tiny and very hungry caterpillar.~ Eric Carle This seems to be the word of the day for our customers!  It… Read More

Herbs…from Garden to the Kitchen

When planning a herb garden, be sure to keep in mind a few things; Location:– most herbs love full sun (4-6 hours)– keep the location close to where you will use them such as near the BBQ or… Read More

Keeping your Containers Over-Flowing with Colour

Follow a few simple tips to keep your luscious and colourful creations brimming with colour all season long. remove all faded flowers, right down to the stems, not just the petals trim off all yellow, brown and crispy… Read More

Time for some Houseplant Love!

Houseplants will react to longer daylight hours and warmer temperatures at this time by putting out new growth. Turn your houseplants a quarter turn each week to make sure all sides of the plant receive adequate light, and… Read More