Plan a Kid-sized Garden the Whole Family will Enjoy!

Encourage little hands to plant, water and grow a garden.  Start with a plan!  Discuss with your child about their favourite colours or foods.  Use crayons on paper and draw out the planned space Select a spot outside… Read More

Cold Crops

The first harvest in the garden! Cold crops are vegetables that are able to tolerate cooler weather and perhaps endure short periods of frost. Cold crops can be planted before the threat of frost has passed, once the… Read More

Hardening Off

Before moving the colourful pansies, primulas and veggie seedlings that have spent their lives so far in our greenhouse or on your sunny windowsill, take the time to acclimate them to life in the garden 1. Keep a… Read More

Planting Success: Seeding Terms

The back of each seed packet has all the information you need about growing the seed into the plant.  Determine the date you want to plant your garden (see Frost Free Dates below), then count back the recommended… Read More

Starting Seeds from the Soil Up

Starting annual flowers or vegetables from seed can be very rewarding. The process is easier with the proper materials and following the correct steps. The reward will be vigorous plants flowering earlier and an earlier harvest of vegetables… Read More