Thank you for choosing Dufferin Garden Centre

The Team at Dufferin Garden Centre wishes you gardening success and look forward to working with you
by providing planting instructions, offering care advice at the garden centre as well as through our newsletters.

Our Warranty:

  • Prior to returning your plant material, we encourage you to reach out and ask for advice if your plant is struggling.
  • Our plant material is under warranty for ONE YEAR. The receipt AND dead plant material must be returned for a replacement.
  • Plant material is replaced once, sale items are under warranty for the purchase price
  • No refunds, however credits may be issued

Exceptions to the Warranty:

  • The following plants are under warranty for the growing season ONLY (not over the winter); perennials, ornamental grasses, roses, rhododendrons and azaleas
  • Annuals (including vegetables and herbs), houseplants, water plants and tropical plants are not warrantied
  • Dufferin Garden Center will NOT be responsible for animal damage, acts of nature, chemical or fertilizer damage or misuse
  • Plant material that has been planted in containers is not warrantied

COVID-19 Warranty Protocol:

Any plant material purchased after April 1, 2020 during the period of COVID-19 protocols
will have the warranty mentioned above applied.