Thank you for shopping at Dufferin Garden Centre

Please read the following instructions carefully to ensure the healthy growth of the purchased plant material.

Planting Tips:

– Plant material must be planted 1” ABOVE existing grade of soil
– Plant material will settle into existing soil
** If plant material is plant too deep, it will die. **
– Clematis is the exception for planting. It should be planted 3” BELOW ground level to encourage sprouting of new shoots

Plants in Plastic Containers:

– Grasp the base of the plant securely, turn the pot upside down, and gently slide out the moistened root ball.
– If the roots appear thickly entangled or tightly wound around the base of the soil ball, loosen them gently with your fingers.
– Place in the planting hole.
– Pack triple blend soil tightly around roots and water well every two to three days for 1 month
– Use bone meal or Parkwood Transplanter 5-15-5 at planting to encourage production of new roots

Plants in Burlap Soil Balls:

– Lower the complete burlap ball into the pre-dug hole.
– Cut the strings at the top of the ball that are wound tightly around the stems or trunk and remove.
– Pull the burlap away from the stem.
– It will end up being covered by soil.
– Don’t try to remove any of the burlap.
– Its biodegradable and tender roots will have no trouble pushing through it.